Simon Becker Live

I’m pleased to share that I recently had the opportunity to play live drums for German singer-songwriter, Simon Becker. I had the privilege of producing Simon’s latest album, „Texas und Zurück.“ A special thanks to Dirk Mahler for capturing some memorable moments from our musical journey together. Your skill behind the lens brought our collaboration to life!

Stay tuned for more updates and glimpses into the world of live music and production.

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Embracing the Beat: A Studio Journey with Zildjian and Ludwig Drums

Currently, I find myself deeply immersed in a diverse range of projects, each presenting its own set of distinctive challenges and rewards. Whether I’m intricately crafting rhythms for my soccer music project, WeserButjer, or laying down tracks for the upcoming album of Someday Jacob, each day unfolds with fresh opportunities for exploration and innovation.

And amidst this creative whirlwind, my studio sessions are incomplete without the presence of my faithful companions: my Zildjian cymbals and Ludwig drums. These instruments have stood by me steadfastly, consistently delivering the perfect sound time after time. Their unparalleled quality and reliability have been a cornerstone of my musical journey, and I am profoundly grateful to both Zildjian and Ludwig for their unwavering support throughout the years.


Liederabend mit WeserButjer zum 125jährigen Jubiläum von Werder in der grünen Bude und bei Werder Up’n Swutsch gemeinsam mit Legende Wynton Rufer grünweiße Lieder zelebrieren.

Daisy Chapman – She took the flight

In einer wunderbaren Session im Studio Nord sind die Piano und Schlagzeugaufnahmen für dieses Album entstanden. Mehr Informationen unter

If we make it through December

This is a collaboration with David and Alina. Link in the bio. Happy holidays and the best for the new year!

Texas und zurück – Simon Becker

Dieses Album habe ich zusammen mit Mitch Schlüter produziert und gemischt. Viel Freude beim Reinhören ab dem 11.11.2022! Coverdesign von Alina Denzin – große Freude!

Radio Bremen kürt „Nur der SVW“ zur Aufstiegshymne

Radio Bremen Version von ‚Nur der SVW‘